About Us

Mum Essentials is a business devoted to making essential items for mothers affordable.  As a first time mother myself, I thought I was well prepared for my first child buying maternity clothes and all my babies needs.  I did not think twice about breastfeeding apparel as I thought I could make do with what I had.  Needless to say I was in for a shock when my clothes for everyday wear were not the easiest to breastfeed in public with.

Starting with Breastfeeding clothing, my aim is for every mother to be able to discreetly breastfeed in public or at home with clothing that is genuinely affordable and comfortable without sacrificing quality and style.

The current range of tops and dresses are easy ‘wash and wear’ items designed for all shapes & sizes. The tops are longer in length then average and the material is breathable with cleverly designed styles to conceal those areas where you need it most.  New lines will be introduced over the coming months with a autumn/winter selection due mid year.

In time,  ‘Mum Essentials’ will introduce other lines of clothing and products at an affordable price that are currently overpriced and out of reach for regular mother’s/mum to be.  I welcome any suggestions you may have for new products via email, phone or Facebook.